Michael Bryce (Ryan Reynolds) is a triple A rated, executive protection agent. After letting one of his clients get shot (accidentally), it’s downhill for him then onwards. That is, until Michael has a chance to redeem himself with a new client. Darius Kincaid (Samuel L Jackson) an assassin who’s had various attempts of bringing down Michael. Being forced to put their differences aside, the two have to work together and try to…well not get killed.

The Hitmans’s Bodyguard is everything I pretty much expected. Extremely funny. Extremely violent. A lot of swearing. Depending on what  you’re into, that could be seen as positive or negative. The fact that it was an cliché didn’t stop from it being exceedingly entertaining. All of the witty banter between Reynolds and Jackson was undeniable and couldn’t have gone without it. I haven’t seen  a film like this in  a while, so I’m glad they’re still being made. Mixing up the comedy and action gave me some Nice Guys and Deadpool vibes.

I hope they kill him, I really do

All of the banter aside, there were a couple of intense scenes which were just not made to laugh at. These added that touch of sophistication to the movie as a whole. If it wasn’t for that slight seriousness, it would have been far to wacky and unrealistic (more than it already is). However, it could have toned down the tiniest bit. A scene a remember for dragging on far too long is when Samuel L Jackson is being chased in the speedboat. One of the most common scenes from an action movie ever. Anyway, it dragged on far to long to the point where it wasn’t funny or interesting.

Although she was hardly in it, the few scenes I can remember are the ones with Salma Hayek. When Samuel L Jackson’s character was saying how they met, that was pure over the top dark comedy. Also one of the few memorable scenes. All the scenes where she was in prison made me laugh out loud as well.

I probably will watch it again some time in the future and if you like over-violent and comedic films, this is for you. I’m not going to deny that it was hilarious, while the whole cinema was laughing. However, you’ve probably already seen this before in other movies and even then, it’s not that memorable.



Even though we’re over half way through the year, that’s not going to stop us getting excited for new movies coming out. From watching these trailers, here are some which I’m looking forward to watching…

1. Rebel in the Rye

This drama based on a true story follows American writer, J.D Salinger’s journey through serving in the army during WW2, to the lead up in which he wrote one of the greatest fiction novels of all time. Starring Nicholas Hoult, Kevin Spacey and Zoey Deutsch, this movie looks like it will capture the heart of many.

2. The Mountain Between Us

After a terrible plane crash which results in being stranded on a mountain, two strangers have to fight for survival whilst testing their physical and emotional strength to the limits. With Golden Globe winner Idris Elba and Academy Awards winner Kate Winslet, I’m sure this extremely tense drama will be receiving many awards in the near future.

3. The Hitman’s Bodyguard

An unlikely match is made when the world’s best bodyguard is called to protect the world’s hit man. Usually being on opposite sides of the gun, the two have to put their differences aside and embark on a hilarious journey including roof jumping, car chasing and A LOT of swearing. Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L Jackson star together in this comedy-action, so as a fan of both of them, I cannot wait for this to be released!

4. The Snowman

Starting with the disappearance of a women whose pink scarf is found around the neck of a snowman, detective Harry Hole starts to investigate the murders of a serial killer known as the Snowman. This chilling crime film stars Academy Award nominee Michael Fassbender, constantly exceptional performances.

5. Breathe

Being diagnosed with polio and not being able to move anything from the neck down, Robin Cavendish is given a few months to live. With the help of his wife, Robin finds the will to live and helps other disabled people. To be honest, I would say this film could be up for an Academy Award. However, it looks as if it has been done before with The Theory of Everything and Me Before You. Getting an Oscar nomination at the last awards, maybe this will be Garfield’s moment this year.

6. Wonder

Based on the bestselling novel by Raquel Jaramillo, this soul-stirring story follows August Pullman who has just joined elementary school. Finding it difficult to fit in due to facial differences, August has to deal with the cruelness of the real world. This touching story star Jacob Tremblay, Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson. Tears have filled my eyes each time I’ve watched this trailer; I can’t imagine how bittersweet this film will be.

7. Murder on the Orient Express

Sharing absolutely nothing in common apart from the need to travel from one place to another, suddenly some strangers on a train to Europe are pulled to together in a frightening murder case…and every one of them is a suspect. With a terrific ensemble of actresses and actors, this mystery movie stars Judi Dench, Daisy Ridley, Johnny Depp, Kenneth Branagh, Michelle Pfeiffer, Penélope Cruz, Willem Dafoe, Leslie Odom Jr and Josh Gad (to name a few).

8. Blade Runner 2049

Being missing for the last 30 years, officer K goes on a mission to find Rick Deckard after digging up a damaging secret which has been buried for a long-time. Harrison Ford stars in this sequel thirty-five years after the original. Also with Ryan Gosling and Jared Leto.

9. Darkest Hour

Recently becoming Prime Minister of Great Britain, Winston Churchill has to make some of the biggest decisions ever made by a political leader. On the verge of Western Europe being invaded by Nazis, having his own party plotting against him and a King which is too naive, Churchill has to deal with issues which will change history forever. Academy Award winner Gary Oldman stars as Churchill in this historical drama.Hopefully this won’t jinx anything, but I can see Oscars being given out already.

10. Stronger

April 15, 2013. Jeff Bauman goes to support his girlfriend at the Boston Marathon. After losing both his legs, Jeff has to battle through his mental and physical health. Based on a true story, this heartbreaking biography-drama stars Jake Gyllenhaal Tatiana Maslany.