20 years ago (add a few extra days), was the release of Academy Award winner, record breaking phenomenon, Titanic. With an incredible fourteen nominations and eleven wins, this blockbuster spectacle still has audiences weeping our hearts out twenty years after it was first seen. A couple of days ago I saw it at the cinema for the third time. However, this was the first time I feel like I appreciated the Titanic as much as it should be. This time round, I actually acknowledged how striking the visual effects were and all the other marvels. The Titanic was definitely ahead of it’s time and if they remade it today, I can’t imagine a better job being done.

Waterworks poured out of my eyes like a…well water park. This time was definitely the most I’ve ever cried in a movie, which is fine, but slightly embarrassing when you’re seated in the middle of a bunch of people. I was attempting to be as quiet as possible, but soon enough the sobs couldn’t be suppressed any longer and a huge, shuddering blubber escaped from me. It was on and off for the beginning of the second half and once the ‘Ship of Dreams’ started to sink, that’s when I couldn’t stop. Not knowing how many people could hear me, I was uncontrollably wailing for the remaining part. As the credits began and my friend attempted to console me, I could hardly speak as I was practically gasping for air.

Anyway, obviously this wasn’t a review. Honestly, I think it would be insulting to write a review about such an iconic film.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet will always be the best couple that never was.




Hello film lovers! I’ve already written something that mentions a bit about what sort of things I will be writing, so I thought for my first proper post I would just talk about me. To be more interesting, I’m going to do a top five on various aspects of film. I’ve really had to condense it down a lot though…

Favourite directors:                                              Favourite films:

  • Wes Anderson                                              The Philadelphia Story
  • Alfred Hitchcock                                          Breakfast at Tiffany’s
  • Woody Allen                                                  The Irrational Man
  • George Cukor                                                Roman Holiday
  • William Wyler                                              Charade

Favourite actresses:                                               Favourite actors:

  • Audrey Hepburn                                           Cary Grant
  • Jennifer Lawrence                                        Gregory Peck
  • Julia Roberts                                                   Robert De Niro
  • Ingrid Bergman                                             Marlon Brando
  • Lily Collins                                                      Leonardo DiCaprio

Guilty pleasures:                                                     Favourite producers:

  • Grown Ups                                                     Adam Sandler
  • Pirates of the Caribbean                              George Lucas
  • The Interview                                                 Francis Ford Coppola
  • 50 first Dates                                                   Jessica Chastain
  • Blended                                                            Kathleen Kennedy