After children have been going mysteriously missing, a group of kids unite together while facing their worst and terrifying nightmares-and confront an evil, shape shifting clown.

Most of the time, I find horror films ineffectual and substandard. While they may have the occasional jump scare, are still predictable and lack an intriguing story line. There have been only a couple where I would go away thinking that it was a good film.

This was one of them.

Horror films involving monsters and the supernatural can sometimes be overdone or work to hard on making the audience scream, while lacking a well thought out story. Something which was (and I rarely say this) perfect, was the structure. From scene to scene when it kept flipping from a clip which would have the audience holding their breath to more ‘relaxed’ scenes and it helped the plot progress. There was also plenty of room for character development starting from the introduction to all the scenes including main characters to the ending. Sometimes films do lack any character development, especially horror movies which can be unsatisfactory for someone in the audience. It flourished in this with every individual being interesting and developing as the film progressed.

Unfortunately, a couple of scenes ruined it for me. One example is the final scene where all the children were fighting Pennywise. Firstly, I think that the entire scene dragged on too long and wasn’t really moving forward. Secondly, it was so unnecessarily violent. I understand what the genre is meant to be like, but became meaningless and extraneous after a while. Also, the scene when they were all in the garage and Pennywise appeared while growing ruined it for me. That part when he was growing seemed very needless and when he kept appearing in the photos, seemed a bit to much like something from a horror movie in the 80’s.

The acting was absolutely brilliant though. Although  a lot of it involved screaming and looking scared, each one was to realistic and is evident that they will all go somewhere in their acting careers.

What surprised me, was how at the end Part 1 appeared on the screen. When they make a sequel and maybe even more, I do hope it’s not one each year (like with Star Wars 😦 ) and keep the quality up to the standard it has been while not glamorizing it too much for Hollywood.



Michael Bryce (Ryan Reynolds) is a triple A rated, executive protection agent. After letting one of his clients get shot (accidentally), it’s downhill for him then onwards. That is, until Michael has a chance to redeem himself with a new client. Darius Kincaid (Samuel L Jackson) an assassin who’s had various attempts of bringing down Michael. Being forced to put their differences aside, the two have to work together and try to…well not get killed.

The Hitmans’s Bodyguard is everything I pretty much expected. Extremely funny. Extremely violent. A lot of swearing. Depending on what  you’re into, that could be seen as positive or negative. The fact that it was an cliché didn’t stop from it being exceedingly entertaining. All of the witty banter between Reynolds and Jackson was undeniable and couldn’t have gone without it. I haven’t seen  a film like this in  a while, so I’m glad they’re still being made. Mixing up the comedy and action gave me some Nice Guys and Deadpool vibes.

I hope they kill him, I really do

All of the banter aside, there were a couple of intense scenes which were just not made to laugh at. These added that touch of sophistication to the movie as a whole. If it wasn’t for that slight seriousness, it would have been far to wacky and unrealistic (more than it already is). However, it could have toned down the tiniest bit. A scene a remember for dragging on far too long is when Samuel L Jackson is being chased in the speedboat. One of the most common scenes from an action movie ever. Anyway, it dragged on far to long to the point where it wasn’t funny or interesting.

Although she was hardly in it, the few scenes I can remember are the ones with Salma Hayek. When Samuel L Jackson’s character was saying how they met, that was pure over the top dark comedy. Also one of the few memorable scenes. All the scenes where she was in prison made me laugh out loud as well.

I probably will watch it again some time in the future and if you like over-violent and comedic films, this is for you. I’m not going to deny that it was hilarious, while the whole cinema was laughing. However, you’ve probably already seen this before in other movies and even then, it’s not that memorable.


20 years ago (add a few extra days), was the release of Academy Award winner, record breaking phenomenon, Titanic. With an incredible fourteen nominations and eleven wins, this blockbuster spectacle still has audiences weeping our hearts out twenty years after it was first seen. A couple of days ago I saw it at the cinema for the third time. However, this was the first time I feel like I appreciated the Titanic as much as it should be. This time round, I actually acknowledged how striking the visual effects were and all the other marvels. The Titanic was definitely ahead of it’s time and if they remade it today, I can’t imagine a better job being done.

Waterworks poured out of my eyes like a…well water park. This time was definitely the most I’ve ever cried in a movie, which is fine, but slightly embarrassing when you’re seated in the middle of a bunch of people. I was attempting to be as quiet as possible, but soon enough the sobs couldn’t be suppressed any longer and a huge, shuddering blubber escaped from me. It was on and off for the beginning of the second half and once the ‘Ship of Dreams’ started to sink, that’s when I couldn’t stop. Not knowing how many people could hear me, I was uncontrollably wailing for the remaining part. As the credits began and my friend attempted to console me, I could hardly speak as I was practically gasping for air.

Anyway, obviously this wasn’t a review. Honestly, I think it would be insulting to write a review about such an iconic film.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet will always be the best couple that never was.



After landing a job at the worlds biggest tech company-The Circle, Mae Holland has all her morals and ethics tested when her friends and family start to become affected as well.

This updated version of 1984 is a corporate drama which shows the frightening nightmare about what our world is becoming-being entirely public about everything. We’re already over halfway there with social media, but this story takes it one step further.

There’s several reasons why The Circle could have become successful. Firstly, it has an excellent cast with Emma Watson, Tom Hanks, John Boyega and Karen Gillan. Secondly, the basic story line sounds intriguing-what would the world be like with no privacy? It may not sound like a positive aspect about our lives, but that’s already happening. With Instagram and Snapchat we’ve all become stalkers and now Snapchat even has a setting where you can see where everyone is. The Circle, is only really the slightest bit exaggerated.

Throughout the films entirety, I was enjoying it. Despite the negative reviews I found it engaging. It made me think about our society and how much it was non-private. This review was close to being slightly more positive. Until it ended. From being a huge Hitchcock watcher, I do appreciate that films don’t always end in the way you expect them to. By the time the film ended, I was slightly confused. There were so many parts which didn’t make sense…

Firstly, Ty was irrelevant. I thought he would have been a significant part in some kind of plot of major scene, but his whole role was underwhelming. Secondly, when Mae first went onto the stage, it sounded extremely rehearsed. Was it? I thought we would have found out, but then again, all of them sounded wooden when they spoke like they had rehearsed it. Thirdly, when Mae gave Eamon that camera so he could go transparent. At the time, it seemed she was doing it because she had another agenda. Maybe she wanted to expose him? By the end though, it seemed she had done it because she thought it was a genuinely good idea and being transparent was just a way of living. Personally, I thought that was going to be the climax.

I had trouble thinking of the genre at first. It seemed like a dystopian story at first. However, when that usually happens, the main character would realize at some point that what was happening in the world was wrong and they needed to change it (in the most black and white terms). Did Mae not realize the affects of no privacy when her friend died? Surely that would have been a turnover point and she would have changed her whole lifestyle, not be sucked into the tech world even more.

The overall plot was extremely disappointing. It felt as if the whole story was explaining the concept and hardly anything happened. It did show a couple of events that took place as a result of The Circle’s work, but the whole movie felt like an introduction. There was no plot twist that would shock the viewer or anything. In a drama/thriller like this I feel like there has to be a shocking turnover which changes everything you’ve thought the entire film. I’ll probably read the book so I can compare the two and it’ll be interesting to see the differences.


Even though we’re over half way through the year, that’s not going to stop us getting excited for new movies coming out. From watching these trailers, here are some which I’m looking forward to watching…

1. Rebel in the Rye

This drama based on a true story follows American writer, J.D Salinger’s journey through serving in the army during WW2, to the lead up in which he wrote one of the greatest fiction novels of all time. Starring Nicholas Hoult, Kevin Spacey and Zoey Deutsch, this movie looks like it will capture the heart of many.

2. The Mountain Between Us

After a terrible plane crash which results in being stranded on a mountain, two strangers have to fight for survival whilst testing their physical and emotional strength to the limits. With Golden Globe winner Idris Elba and Academy Awards winner Kate Winslet, I’m sure this extremely tense drama will be receiving many awards in the near future.

3. The Hitman’s Bodyguard

An unlikely match is made when the world’s best bodyguard is called to protect the world’s hit man. Usually being on opposite sides of the gun, the two have to put their differences aside and embark on a hilarious journey including roof jumping, car chasing and A LOT of swearing. Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L Jackson star together in this comedy-action, so as a fan of both of them, I cannot wait for this to be released!

4. The Snowman

Starting with the disappearance of a women whose pink scarf is found around the neck of a snowman, detective Harry Hole starts to investigate the murders of a serial killer known as the Snowman. This chilling crime film stars Academy Award nominee Michael Fassbender, constantly exceptional performances.

5. Breathe

Being diagnosed with polio and not being able to move anything from the neck down, Robin Cavendish is given a few months to live. With the help of his wife, Robin finds the will to live and helps other disabled people. To be honest, I would say this film could be up for an Academy Award. However, it looks as if it has been done before with The Theory of Everything and Me Before You. Getting an Oscar nomination at the last awards, maybe this will be Garfield’s moment this year.

6. Wonder

Based on the bestselling novel by Raquel Jaramillo, this soul-stirring story follows August Pullman who has just joined elementary school. Finding it difficult to fit in due to facial differences, August has to deal with the cruelness of the real world. This touching story star Jacob Tremblay, Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson. Tears have filled my eyes each time I’ve watched this trailer; I can’t imagine how bittersweet this film will be.

7. Murder on the Orient Express

Sharing absolutely nothing in common apart from the need to travel from one place to another, suddenly some strangers on a train to Europe are pulled to together in a frightening murder case…and every one of them is a suspect. With a terrific ensemble of actresses and actors, this mystery movie stars Judi Dench, Daisy Ridley, Johnny Depp, Kenneth Branagh, Michelle Pfeiffer, Penélope Cruz, Willem Dafoe, Leslie Odom Jr and Josh Gad (to name a few).

8. Blade Runner 2049

Being missing for the last 30 years, officer K goes on a mission to find Rick Deckard after digging up a damaging secret which has been buried for a long-time. Harrison Ford stars in this sequel thirty-five years after the original. Also with Ryan Gosling and Jared Leto.

9. Darkest Hour

Recently becoming Prime Minister of Great Britain, Winston Churchill has to make some of the biggest decisions ever made by a political leader. On the verge of Western Europe being invaded by Nazis, having his own party plotting against him and a King which is too naive, Churchill has to deal with issues which will change history forever. Academy Award winner Gary Oldman stars as Churchill in this historical drama.Hopefully this won’t jinx anything, but I can see Oscars being given out already.

10. Stronger

April 15, 2013. Jeff Bauman goes to support his girlfriend at the Boston Marathon. After losing both his legs, Jeff has to battle through his mental and physical health. Based on a true story, this heartbreaking biography-drama stars Jake Gyllenhaal Tatiana Maslany.


20 year-old Ellen isn’t interested in living. Being sent to various recovery programs throughout her life, her extremely dysfunctional family sends her to one with Dr William Beckham. Using radical and contemporary recovery methods, this dark comedic story follows the Ellen’s journey through anorexia nervosa.

This controversial drama is by far Collins’ best work. Her riveting and striking performance is extremely realistic in how she portrays a young women with anorexia. By far it is one of the most honest stories I’ve ever been told. Reason being  that firstly, Collins and Noxon have both previously suffered from eating disorders which I’m sure resulted it in being an accurate representation of real life. Secondly, throughout the films entirety, other eating disorders are being referred too, like bulimia nervosa. You see dreadful effects of these eating disorders which are not made to look better than they are (having a miscarriage from bulimia).

Although there are some, I have never watched such an insightful film about eating disorders. It really sheds some light on this topic of discussion. The ending actually reminded me of a Woody Allen film, with the abrupt finish which leads you to your imagination. Obviously, Eli was going to try and get better. However, it wasn’t a happy ending for everyone from losing their babies to never being able to pursue their passion again. It was sorrowful, but not tragic. This shows just how there is a never ending cycle. Of course it couldn’t show everyone overcome their eating disorders as that’s just not realistic. Also, Eli and Luke couldn’t have made up and become friends again. Within the film anyway. The story was about Eli’s road to recovery and how she overcame her demons. Although we pity Luke and want him to be happy, it just wasn’t about it. He just happened to be a significant part of her recovery.

‘To The Bone’ has been getting a lot of backlash by ‘glamorizing’ and ‘romanticizing’ anorexia. It has even being accused of being a potential ‘trigger’ for anyone who has or is suffering from an eating disorder. However, although it may be a trigger, there is a warning at the beginning of the film about the contents. Personally, I think it is an incredible story that needs to be told. On the other hand, for more sensitive viewers it may not be the best film to watch as it shows insanely thin Lily Collins and different eating patterns throughout the movie. It does also show the negative effects of eating disorders which are difficult to watch, yet still truthful.  How can you make a film about a topic this serious, safe for people to watch? You just can’t.

The fact that ‘To The Bone’ is partially a comedy has started a lot of debates as well. Why should a film about something so important, be made to make people laugh? I did laugh during it, at Eli’s cynical sense of humor to Luke’s awkward and semi-funny jokes. Humor fitted into this film perfectly though. A film like this needs something like that to make it entertaining. At the end of the day, the directors and producers want people to enjoy watching it, as well as making them think. More importantly, the fact that these young adults were still joking and talking humorously can give other people hope. There is some light at the end of the tunnel and with support of friends, you can get through it.

This deep, sensitive and sharp film will bring you to tears, make you laugh and think. It may not be Oscar-Winning, but is still worth to watch with Lily Collins performing excellently in such a tender way. Before you make a judgement, at least watch the film!


Lily Collins’ new film, ‘To the Bone’ is to be released on the 14th July. It is part drama, part dark-comedy. As you may know, Lily Collins is one of my favourite actresses’, so I am super excited to watch this! Here are some facts you should know before watching it.

  1. It’s about a young woman suffering with anorexia. Collins portrays Ellen, who has been to various recovery programs and has a doctor with unusual methods about the road to recovery.
  2. Lily lost weight for the movie. In an interview she said how she worked with a nutritionist and there was “…never a weight goal, never a number. It was something I decided to do as an actor for a role.”
  3. The movie was semi-autobiographical. Noxon said that the writing was the hardest part and kept reminding herself that this movie was different from her own experiences.
  4. Netflix payed $8 million for the film. It made a deal for world rights at the Sundance festival during January 2017, which is where it first premiered.
  5. Lily said it was the universe telling her to do it. After she had written her book ‘Unfiltered’,where the ‘Love Rosie’ actress talked about her eating disorder as a teenager, a week later the script was sent to her.
  6. ‘To the Bone’ has an  excellent cast. This includes Keanu Reaves, Liana Liberato, Ciara Bravo, Alex Sharp, Carrie Preston and Lili Taylor.
  7. The charity ‘Project Heal’ has been partnering with the movie. Of course, this has resulted in more.backlash. Project Heal is a charity which wants to raise more awareness to eating disorders and raise money to support sufferers so they can get the treatment they need.
  8. It was nominated for a Grand Jury Prize. Hopefully, once it’s released, there will be many more to come.
  9. There has been many opposing views. While the Guardian has described it as ‘trite’ and ‘shallow’,while also being a ‘story that needs to be told’ in various interviews. The trailer has become a controversial subject to talk about, as people are worried they might be ‘triggered.’
  10. Collins suffered from an eating disorder as a teenager. Marti Noxon (director) also did as well. ‘To the Bone’ has been accused of ‘glamorizing’ anorexia, so Collins responded by saying that would be the last thing they would want to do as her and Noxon have been previous sufferers. Also, that people can’t judge it yet just on the trailer